Bespoke Reception Counters


A powerful first impression from Reception counters Manchester

The traditional skills of Reception counters Manchester are never more in demand than when our craftsmen are called upon to create bespoke joinery solutions for today’s post-modern world. We’ve seen the demand for creating a powerful first impression in the reception area of today’s private commercial and public leisure interiors reach new levels of design innovation.

Contemporary design has long been dominated by the aesthetics of minimalism. It means that reception counters are expected to fulfil more than just a practical function. Integral to the earliest stage of planning, they are often required to make a bold yet subtle statement by their chosen shape, materials and finish. Our high-end joinery solutions may often include veneered timber and hardwood spray polish, glass, stainless steel, granite or Corian™ solid surfaces.

Key criteria must be addressed

Reception counters play a vital ‘front of house’ role, not only in corporate environments but also in an increasing number of specialist spaces in the public domain. Applications can range from schools, universities, council offices and courtrooms to medical and dental practices, opticians, hairdressers and beauty salons.

In each particular space, a number of key criteria must be addressed at the pre-planning stage to ensure that the final design and build will answer all the requirements of the design brief. Dimension is invariably linked to all aspects of shape, storage, materials and finish. In some cases, allowance must be made to fit neatly into the surrounding architectural features, such as columns, split level floors or ceilings.

Reception counters Manchester – Practical considerations

In the design of any modern day reception counter, provision & space must be made & designed into the counter front a facility for disable access/use, this will include a recess for wheel chair, low level desk top for disable customers to the inside space on the staff side suitable space should be accessible, for wheel chair access.

A working design, which may involve a number of additional features, such as an upstand, raised counter cap, or a recessed plinth, must always have maximum stability. Whether curved, straight, conical or a combination of shapes, our experienced joiners have found the ideal minimum height should be around 110cm and 90cm for the desk. Further practical considerations will involve the storage requirement, including shelving, pedestals and lockable cupboards, the number of staff users, and specific equipment such as PC screens and their visibility on the counter.

The quality of materials determines not just stability and durability but also front of house presentation, which needs to support company graphics and branding, and other important factors, such as lighting and featured illumination.

The tone of an entire reception area is determined by the reception counter itself, from behind which, the image of the company, organisation or practice is reinforced by the reception staff. It should not be left to the last moment. Specialist knowledge experience, knowledge and expertise right from the planning stage will help to ensure the delivery to the highest craft quality.

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