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Red Interior Solutions is one of the most-reputed shopfitters in Manchester. With over two and a half decades of experience behind us, we are a company that has proved its mettle in the field. When it comes to providing interior fit outs and bespoke joinery solutions, we are unmatchable in every way. We are a highly customer-centric company and our entire business is centered on providing high grade solutions at very  competitive pricing. We understand that  as a retail store owner, you want to ensure that all the spaces on your property are well-designed, well-installed and of course, well maintained. The latter can become quite a challenge sometimes, especially if you have high maintenance features installed in your store. It’s why we focus on functionality and ensure that all the materials used in our work, are low maintenance. This goes a long way in helping retail store owners maintain their properties in a much better way. The other aspect we focus on in our work is- design.  We incorporate your branding and ensure that the style and theme is seamless through the store. Today, marketing  is all about branding. As expert and experienced shop fitters, we work very closely with you, to understand what  your specific requirements are, who your target market is and the kind of maintenance requirements you have. Keeping  these in view, we design bespoke:

  • Mechanical & electrical works
  • Glazed & solid partitioning
  • Door sets
  • Floor finishes
  • Tape/filling & decorations
  • Signage
We aren’t just shopfitters with design acumen and knowledge about  different materials. We have a very deep understanding about marketing trends and understand that a retail space has to be creatively and functionally designed to attract and hold the attention of the prospective customers. While your customers aren’t necessarily going  to be sitting and admiring the interior design elements, elegant and sophisticated styling in interior retail spaces, does encourage customers to browse around longer and make a purchase.

Expert shopfitters that provide a range of services

We pay a lot of attention to detail, ensure  that the best materials and workmanship are used and work diligently to provide our customers the kind of solutions that will exceed  their expectations. We are the shop fitters that provide comprehensive solutions which include:

  • Refits and Electrics
  • Doors and Displays
  • Joinery
  • Roofing and Flooring
  • Air-conditioning and Internal walling
  • Signage
  • Other

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We specialise in providing turnkey packages that help you meet your retail store development objectives; and understand that the success of your store hinges on how successful you are in staying ahead of the competition. We have in-house designers  that work closely with you to clearly visualize all the different fixtures and fittings  in your store and we use 3-D renderings for this.

We handle the project expertly, from start to finish and adhere to the pre-decided budget and schedule. For excellent, bespoke solutions,  the only shop fitters you would need to contact is Red Interior Solutions. Call shopfitters Manchester with your project details today. Red Interior Solutions’ workings. Contact us for all your shop fitting requirements.

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